Petition promoted by the European Academy of Science to support “Horizon Europe” and strengthen research and Innovation as the main pillars for a better Europe

To the Attention
H.E. the President of the European Commission
H.E. the President and Members of the European Parliament
H.E. the Prime Ministers and Research Ministers of all Member States

Europe is facing great challenges on a broad range of fields, most of them concerning the need to generate a sound sustainable union for the wellbeing of the European Community.

The world is in a permanent change, sometimes more unexpected than ever and Europe has to continue facing unpostponable challenges. That is why we think this is the moment to foster initiatives that certainly will impact in our future in a favorable way, such as Horizon (for) Europe, that promotes the implementation of critical principles like subsidiarity, eco-sustainability, comfort and jobs for all, underlining the grassroots of our development, while maintaining the grounds of all our future, which is based on education.

To build on all these we need fair new ideas promoting innovation capacity to guarantee a sustainable economic growth enabling to surpass all our boundaries.

Therefore, we reiterate the urgency for Europe to redirect its focus towards innovation and on doing so to allocate adequate funding for the exploitation of different steps of the value chain, going from creative ideas to its conversion on market assets while providing for suitable support for the transformation of the European industry and strengthening it to improve its competitiveness in major areas of science and technology. Following the experience of 8 th European Research and Innovation Framework Program, H2020 (2014- 2020) and emerging discussions within Europe over the last few months, substantiated the need for the allocation of the amount of 100 billion euros for the 9 th European Research and Innovation Framework Program, 2021-2027, as a minimum budget that will facilitate the vision for the exploitation of innovation in Europe. Indeed, with the close collaboration and support of the European industry we anticipate the forthcoming challenges of the global market putting Europe in the lead. Indeed, European industry know how has to be preserved and reinforced in order to secure its utmost importance to face inevitable future challenges.

We strongly share the Vision of Commissionaire Carlos Moedas in his commitment to address these global challenges through his budget proposition for the 9 th European Research and Innovation Framework Program, “Horizon Europe”, aiming at strengthening the union and enhancing its impact on economic growth, wellness, job creation and progress.

It is our common vision that if this bet as proposed by Horizon Europe is not approved, we will assist to the agony of the future of Europe and that is why all of us are supporting the current Commission Proposal and we do expect that this could be recognized by those who have the responsibility to drive Europe to a better future prospect. This requires all parts involved, including Member States and the European Parliament, to speed-up current negotiations and approve the 9 th European Research and Innovation Framework Program, “Horizon Europe” before the end of 2018.

With this in mind, we appeal to all the Member States, the European Commission and the European Parliament to approve the 9 th European Research and Innovation Framework Program, “Horizon Europe” and the corresponding proposal for the allocation of at least 100 billion euros for the period 2021-2027 at the Council meeting scheduled for late November 2018.