List of Signatories

Name Country Position Affiliation/Organization
Alessandra Bellucci Italy Other Company
Alessio Figalli Switzerland Professor University
Alexander Ableitinger Austria Deputy Company
Alexander Lenz Europe Deputy Institute
Alexandra Isabel Lopes Teixeira Portugal Other Institute
Alexandra Lopes Portugal Other Institute
Alexandra Moreira Portugal Professor Institute
Alexandra Peregrina Lavín Portugal Other University
Alexandre Miró Spain Other Academy
Alexandre Quintanilha Portugal Other Member of National Parliament
Alfred Bartl Austria Professor University
ALFRED J VELLA Malta Rector University
Aliakbar Ebrahimi Germany Other University
Aliaksandr Shapel Belarus CEO Company
Alice Cunha Portugal Other University
Amable Liñán Spain Professor University
Amaya Igartua Spain Coordinator Research Technology Organization
Amilcar Cardoso Portugal Professor University
Amílcar Manuel Marreiros Duarte Portugal Professor University
Amparo Ruiz Carretero France Other Academy